ashley hypermobility.jpeg

with Ashley Matthews
and Dianne Wise

Friday, October 5
from 5-8pm
Saturday, October 6
from 12-4pm

at elevate cooperative


Many Pilates instructors know how to modify choreography for hypermobility, but the knowledge ends there. This course will discuss the hypermobility spectrum and its main syndromes and how they affect our clients on a systemic level.  Physiology and common movement strategies will be discussed and hands-on techniques and specific Pilates-based exercises will be introduced.

The course will culminate with Dianne and Ashley working with a client currently dealing with hypermobility syndrome issues as students have the opportunity to observe, ask questions and witness real time change.  The main objective is to give the Pilates instructor knowledge of what hypermobility actually is, how it typically presents, and how to safely strengthen clients using appropriate hands on techniques and the Pilates repertoire.